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Our Rockingham Scrap Buyers are highly trained individuals.  They are trained to grade materials quickly and accurately, provide you with up to date pricing based on current markets, and manage all aspects of the customer’s experience to ensure they receive all they are supposed to. Our Rockingham Scrap Buyers serve as the Point of Contact for each of our yards.  They work directly with the customer, going to construction and demo sites to evaluate materials,  and arrange transportation of goods whether that be by roll-off, demo trailer, or flatbeds.  They can assist in developing a plan for preparation of materials to optimize profits, as well as deliver payments so you can concentrate on your business, not running around.  At the end of the day the job of a Buyer is to make the customer’s life easier.

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To get into contact with our buyer at Rockingham Scrap, please email YCornejo@jsmith-sons.com

To contact our main office, please call (540)-434-3403.

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